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Trump targeted the head of the National Bank, the market was dust smoke
When US President Donald Trump called the Central Bank (the Fed) "the only problem of the US economy", the leading financial authorities gathered to discuss the accelerating decline in the markets.
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Trump targeted the head of the National Bank, the market was dust smoke

The stock markets were down yesterday in the United States, with the news that federal government functions were partially halted, slowing economic growth and Trump's plan to dismiss Fed President Jerome Powell.
In a twitter message, Trump tore all the economic problems on the Fed. "The only problem of our economy is the Fed. They are not sensing the course of the markets, the Fed is strong but it is like a golf player who cannot score because there is no intuition." said.

Having criticized the Fed's interest rate rises this year, Trump has often targeted Powell. The Fed increased interest rates once more last week.

A crisis meeting between the Treasury Department and the officials of financial regulators yesterday raised concerns rather than appease the markets. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin called the Financial Markets Working Group, which called the "collapse protection team", a meeting yesterday, and spoke with the executives of six large banks on the phone.

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