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Trump's threat as Hamaney's analogy to the 'clown'
"He should be very careful with his words," said US President Donald Trump, who describes Iran's religious leader Ali Khamenei as "a clown who betrayed Iranians."
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Trump's threat as Hamaney's analogy to the 'clown'


“The so-called religious leader of Iran, which is not so great recently, has made some bad words about the USA and Europe. Iran's economy is going bad and its people are suffering. He (Hamaney) must be very careful with his words! ”

After the US killed the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Commander of Jerusalem, Kasım Süleymani at the Baghdad Airport on January 3, Iran carried out a missile attack on al-Assad and Erbil bases where the US forces were deployed on January 8, and there was tensions between the two countries. it had reached the stage.

Ali Khamenei criticized the President of the USA President Donald Trump and compared it with a "clown" during the friday prayer he performed for the first time after eight years in Tehran, the capital of Iran.


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