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Donald Trump says 15 lies a day in 2018
The Washington Post newspaper suggested that US President Donald Trump's 2018 statements contained a total of 5,611 false and misleading information. This corresponds to an average of 15 errors per day.
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Donald Trump says 15 lies a day in 2018

The newspaper's claim is based on a study of the data verification service, which follows every statement attributed to Trump.

According to this, in 2017 a total of 1,989 times false information or false claims

Trump last year made three times more false statements. The newspaper argued that Trump broke a record 83 times in a day in Texas, where he went with Texas senator Ted Cruz on October 22nd.

'I'm telling the truth if possible'

British Independent newspaper in turn, Trump'un often accused the American media of 'false news' and is trying to give the message that always trying to give the right attention.

Trump earlier this year in an interview with ABC News claim that he frequently moved away from honesty "I always want to tell the truth, so I'm trying to do it.

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