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More than a bomb alarm in the US ... CNN International is being evacuated!
CNN's offices in New York were evacuated due to suspicious package after the White House, Obama and Clinton were sent an explosive device
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More than a bomb alarm in the US ... CNN International is being evacuated!

The United States White House, former presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama billionaire George Soros sent to the suspicious package after the American television channel CNN International channel also became the target. Although it was not clear whether it was related to previous bomb notices, the building of the canal was evacuated because a suspicious package was sent.

CNN, the channel's New York City Time Warner announced the release of the building. Accordingly, a suspicious package was found in the postal office of the channel. While the street in front of the CNN building was closed to traffic, a large number of police vehicles were sent to the area.

New York Police, the bomb sent to the building was announced to neutralize.

Time Warner Center, consisting of twin skyscrapers, is 230 meters high and consists of 55 floors.

Bomb alarm in a row in the US

Bill and Hillary Clinton were sent to the house of a pair of explosive devices were announced in the package. Then another former US President Barack Obama's house was sent to the bomb package said. After that, it was stated that the bomb package tried to be sent to the White House.

US officials, Bill and Hillary Clinton couple in a package sent to his home in New York said the bomb was found. Placed inside the package, the bomb, similar to the US sentenced billionaire investor George Soros'a bomb sent last Monday, said.

US secret service CIA, former President Barack Obama's home in Washington, said the bomb package was sent.

After the incident, US President Donald Trump made a statement and said that the White House has taken these two events seriously.

The CNN International channel claimed that a bomb package sent to the White House was blocked.

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